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rgent Title Research is a network of experienced, highly skilled, customer-oriented abstractors with its base of operations in Michigan. Independent subcontractors are utilized in a growing number of states.

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e understand the competitive nature of the mortgage refinance/new mortgage marketplace and strive to maintain a 24 to 48 hour turn-around while offering our services at a reasonable cost. Programming designed and built for Argent is utilized to track, process, index and invoice your orders allowing us to provide a single point of reference for you, our client.

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e also understand how frustrating it can be to need a simple answer to a simple question, but be forced to go through a multitude of middlemen and then have to wait until someone can reach the person actually doing the work for you. At Argent, whenever possible, our Level 1 on-staff abstractor will provide you with the answer you're seeking. This abstractor has years of work experience in the industry, including mapping and who to contact within a county's system for answers. If specifics are involved, we will instantly e-mail the abstractor (for use by the many who have smart phones) who worked on your order or place a phone call.

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